Total and complete self validation

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By William Chandler

The other day I wrote about how some people were pretty upset about Far Cry 4’s box art because they felt it was racially and sexually controversial. Many worried that it would feature a white and potentially gay antagonist that would punish the natives, furthering the patriarchal agenda in the process. Well, needless to say I was pretty annoyed and thought that they jumped the gun before gunpowder was even invented, but more importantly, stated that he appeared to be decidedly not white. I’d just like to say that I was totally right, so feel free to shower me with praise at your leisure.

Thank goodness creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, Alex Hutchinson, was here to back me up.

But William, you may find yourself thinking, he COULD still be gay and is still likely the antagonist. That is very true. But who cares. He isn’t white, which means the internet will probably be fine with it.


Let’s Check Out Wolfenstein The New Order (Part 1)

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By William Chandler

I’m pretty new to streaming / recording so there is still a lot of tweaks and tinkering to be done with the settings, but overall I’d say it looks pretty decent. Of course, my stupid face really hurts the quality of the production overall so I’d say that it’s a 5/10 attempt.

Part 2 up soon.

Rev up your claim letters, YouTube reportedly in talks to acquire Twitch

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By William Chandler

Sometime yesterday the entire internet was set ablaze with reports of popular gameplay-streaming site being acquired by YouTube for a small, one time payment of 1 billion dollars. This, naturally, left many Twitch users very concerned, especially considering YouTube’s rather strict adherence to copyright claims in the past, and the fact that Twitch exists solely from (sorta) breaking those very same copyright laws.

That said, it is easy to imagine how a site like Twitch could benefit from mounds of that sweet, sweet Google money, just as YouTube did. The acquisition talks are reportedly in the very early stages, though, so nothing to worry about just yet.

The real question is, how will League Of Legends streamers get by without being able to listen to their copyrighted house music remixes of the Zelda soundtrack while they straight pwn losers with a new AP Sona jungle build?

Watch this Transistor trailer entirely for the soundtrack

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By William Chandler

This launch trailer for Transistor is pretty sick. It really showcases the art style nicely. But, most importantly, you get to hear the narrator from Bastion and a jammin’ tune from the soundtrack by Darren Korb, so you should watch it for those things.

Transistor is the sophomore effort from Greg Kasavin helmed Supergiant Games, best known for their hit debut Bastion. But, honestly, if you don’t know what Transistor is by now, you should consider reevaluating your priorities.

The game launches on May 20th.

Far Cry 4 celebrates 1 day in the public eye, has already pissed off a bunch of internet people

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By William Chandler

This thread on Neogaf came to my attention sometime last night and really got something going in me that I haven’t felt since the Hotline Miami 2 “rape” fiasco. The thread is entitled “Far Cry 4’s art is racist and the antagonist is (potentially) gay”. A quote from the post:

A few months after the Far Cry 3 writer said “we won’t see gay protagonist in AAA game for a while over sales fears” comes the announcement of Far Cry 4. 

The moment I saw the picture below, I felt my heart sank. An evil character, wearing all purple, having an edgy stylish modelesque haircut, hand resting on a guys head…I instantly thought they could be making a gay antagonist. 

Okay, for a game that really only exists to us in box art form thus far, this is quite an assumption to make. I mean, perhaps he’s just an intriguing fellow who appreciates grooming and personal style. To the author’s credit though, he does say “could be making a gay antagonist”, and I agree on that front. They certainly could be. But why would it matter?

While there is nothing inherently wrong with a gay antagonist, it worries me that it might not be done right. Also if the only time we have gay characters in games as main characters that are bad guys, what message does that send to people? All gay people are bad, or it will just fuel their hatred they already have towards gay people. I can see it now, people thinking “Finally, I can call a character in a game a faggot and he will actually be one.”

This is where he really loses me. Gay people have been portrayed in games numerous times already, albeit in a way that was not flamboyant, meaning that rather than being gay characters, many of them were regular ol’ characters who just happened to be gay. To me, that is more realistic in many contexts as the fact that a character is gay would not be of the highest importance to the plot in most games, making it just another aspect of the character of a person. Bioware games were great at proving that just about any “type” of personality could also be gay. And the type of person that already harbors ill will towards gay people would not be swayed even with the presence of a gay protagonist, or a ‘properly done’ gay antagonist.

Frankly, I don’t see why this matters at all even if the protagonist were overtly homosexual. It is merely the way that character is written and in no way is expected to be representative of an entire culture or group of persons. You see, I wasn’t aware it was the responsibility of the games industry to create the picture perfect ideal of every single human being or human collective on the face of the planet, just in case someone might get the wrong impression otherwise. Artistic interpretation is, by the way, a thing that exists. A body of work in an artistic medium should be respected as such, rather than some sort of hidden anti-(insert sensitive thing here) agenda.

But, the worst aspect of this post is the part near the bottom where a bunch of people on twitter call the box art racist because a relatively light skinned man is treating another human poorly. One guy even tweeted it directly at Ubi and and the FarCryGame twitter account. I mean, I may be subconsciously submitting to the patriarchy here, but the stylishly dressed man looks like a light skinned asian fellow with bleached hair to me. And would that fact make it more okay? I don’t get how violence against other humans is okey dokey as long as a potentially gay, white man isn’t inflicting it upon the innocent, dark skinned natives because that makes gay people look bad and furthers the white agenda somehow.

The blowback from the aforementioned Hotline Miami 2 scandal was so immense that it forced relatively small time company Devolver Digital to make some changes to the scene in question, altering their original artistic vision in an admittedly small way just to make concessions to some internet bullies. A fact that bothers me to this day. I doubt a major publisher like Ubisoft will need to do the same, though, which pleases me greatly. To be honest, I doubt they ever even needed to, because all of these claims are baseless presumptions.

But even if the worst fears of the SJW community come to bare in Far Cry 4, they could always simply abide by an ancient consumer proverb.

If you don’t like it, don’t fucking buy it.


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by Bipol Alam

They did it.  Everything I love in the world encapsulated on one page.  Is it real?

Yes it is.


As #Xhristian pointed out, The Division (Tom Clancy Dystopia Training Simulator) has been pushed back to Q? 2015.  I fear that by the time of its release, nuclear war will have already happened, and the training manual will be of no use to us anymore.  However, do not fret my fellow armchair-mad-max-wannabes for our savior has come, and her name is SHELLY “BOMBSHELL” HARRISON.

The Gods at 3D Realms have crafted the perfect sexy lady badass who happens to be equipped with all the knowledge we’ll need to survive Fallout 4.   Unlike the boys at The Division, (who apparently want us to die in 2015), 3D Realms has PROMISED a ROCK-SOLID release date of Q1 2015.

I know what you’re wondering – Bipol, how did you get all this information?  Well, let’s just say that I’ve been designated a prophet by our Lords in 3D Heaven, for they have given me our bible :

With a click you’ll be baptized in the glory of HARD ROCK MUSIC and EDGY STEEL INDUSTRIAL TYPOGRAPHY.  If this doesn’t evoke the lame out of you, scroll down.  In the words of our savior, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison: “PREPARE YOUR FACE”.

Is that a video in the center of your screen?  Fuck yeah it is.  If you can bear stopping the HARD ROCK MUSIC for the 3 minutes and 27 seconds then go for the click, I sure as hell couldn’t.  If someone in the comments could tell me what happens in that video, I’d appreciate it.

EDIT: Alright, I decided that my journalistic integrity would be tarnished if I didn’t watch the video.  Unfortunately they opted for some weird deus ex sci-fi kind of beep boop stuff.  Not my cup of Daniels Jackson.


This “brilliantly brutal” top-down RPG X-core shooter is coming soon to your PC or PS4.  You should be excited.





343 Industries talk about the Halo Journey, still aren’t Bungie

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By William Chandler

A post entitled The Halo Journey went up over on the Xbox News site and discussed a few things of interest. Guardians was revealed to be the subtitle for the upcoming Halo 5, and it was given a lunch window of Fall 2015. They touted their shiny new engine and grand intentions as well.

It was also revealed that the Spielberg x Halo collab TV show will launch at the same time, probably making it some sort of tie in. Sure.

However, most interesting is that they hinted at something big coming this year, which will be discussed in more detail at E3. My guess – they’re FINALLY porting Halo 3 to the PC.

Nah. It’s probably just the Halo 2 HD remake that we’ve all been expecting.

The Division delayed until 2015, hope for the fate of humanity dwindles

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By William Chandler

The Division, also known as that Tom Clancy game that just about everyone was stoked about during last year’s E3, has been delayed from its previously stated 2014 release to sometime in 2015. This news was posted to the game’s main website earlier today.

Ubisoft thought they could sweep this one under the rug with the timely announcement of Far Cry 4 on the same day, but joke’s on them. No one really cares about that game.

I’m sorry. I’m just personally hurt by this.