Total and complete self validation

News, Opinion, Video Games

By William Chandler

The other day I wrote about how some people were pretty upset about Far Cry 4’s box art because they felt it was racially and sexually controversial. Many worried that it would feature a white and potentially gay antagonist that would punish the natives, furthering the patriarchal agenda in the process. Well, needless to say I was pretty annoyed and thought that they jumped the gun before gunpowder was even invented, but more importantly, stated that he appeared to be decidedly not white. I’d just like to say that I was totally right, so feel free to shower me with praise at your leisure.

Thank goodness creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, Alex Hutchinson, was here to back me up.

But William, you may find yourself thinking, he COULD still be gay and is still likely the antagonist. That is very true. But who cares. He isn’t white, which means the internet will probably be fine with it.


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