Rev up your claim letters, YouTube reportedly in talks to acquire Twitch

News, Video Games

By William Chandler

Sometime yesterday the entire internet was set ablaze with reports of popular gameplay-streaming site being acquired by YouTube for a small, one time payment of 1 billion dollars. This, naturally, left many Twitch users very concerned, especially considering YouTube’s rather strict adherence to copyright claims in the past, and the fact that Twitch exists solely from (sorta) breaking those very same copyright laws.

That said, it is easy to imagine how a site like Twitch could benefit from mounds of that sweet, sweet Google money, just as YouTube did. The acquisition talks are reportedly in the very early stages, though, so nothing to worry about just yet.

The real question is, how will League Of Legends streamers get by without being able to listen to their copyrighted house music remixes of the Zelda soundtrack while they straight pwn losers with a new AP Sona jungle build?