Homefront: The Revolution reminds you that you actually played through that mediocre Homefront game in 2011

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By William Chandler

Yo, guys, come on. Of all the IPs acquired from the liquidation of THQ properties, why is Homefront the one that gets a sequel right out of the gate? I mean, yeah, it looks absurdly pretty with that CryEngine shine, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Crytek has had a lot of trouble with game development as of late. Ryse was decidedly dreary from a gameplay perspective and don’t even get me started on whatever they’ve done to my beautiful, once PC exclusive, Crysis franchise. Say what you will about stupidly poor high to low end hardware scaling, the original Crysis was a bastion of excellent FPS gameplay that has long since been lost to the likes of the corridor shooter. But I digress.

Homefront: Revolution is a next gen, open world shooter set in a newly united North and South Korean occupied America. More specifically, the game takes place in Philadelphia, presumably because something has to. The game plans to allow players to use all of the dirty tactics in the book of guerrilla warfare to overthrow their Korean oppressors.

I’m admittedly being a little undeservedly harsh on this game, but I’m just skeptical about the idea of an open world FPS focusing on guerrilla warfare. It honestly sounds too good to ever actually happen and therefore will likely not happen thanks to the wizards of mediocrity over at Crytek.

Blimey. I better stop before I hurt myself.

Look for the gameplay reveal of Homefront: The Revolution at E3 next week.