Metro Redux is yet another re-release of a game for next gen consoles

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By William Chandler

Metro Redux is a packaged re-release of both Metro: 2033 and its sequel, Metro: Last Light for next generation platforms, joining Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and many others in what is becoming a disturbing trend. I suppose they’re really trying to fill out the sad libraries of these new consoles, but it just seems so pointless. I really doubt that too many people who own a PS4 or Xbox One either did not own one of the previous gen consoles, or simply skipped these games the first time around. This means that a lot of their market are just bored consumers who want to see what the same game they’ve already played looks like with better lighting and shadows. And that is a really fucking sad thought.

Either way, I like the Metro games. I think the developers’ hearts are in the right place and that they’re trying to do some pretty intriguing stuff with FPS level design and storytelling. Of course I think people should play these games, it’s just hard to get behind such obvious attempts at cash grabs.

Remember, not so long ago, when everyone bitched constantly about remakes of games that were actually fairly old? Fairly old, as in more than five years at least. Now we’re getting remakes of games from two fucking years ago. What a strange time to be a gamer.