Dragon Age Inquisition is shaping up to be straight fire, yo

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By William Chandler

As an avid lover of all things RPG, I am ashamed to admit that, contrary to what I imagine many EA haters and gaming elitists may believe about the current state of AAA games, I think Dragon Age Inquisition might turn out to be the best in the series. The original Dragon Age is damned great, don’t get me wrong. After all, it was the last old school Bioware game before they went and made two Mass Effect themed shooters (the first Mass Effect was a pretty legit RPG, complete with bad combat and everything) and an MMO sequel to Knights of the Old Republic. That said, Dragon Age Inquisition is shaping up to be even better than the first in just about every way

Just peep this nearly hour and a half live stream the developers put on earlier today which heavily features an in depth look at character creation and some previously unseen environments.

The character creation tools appear to be some of the deepest in recent memory and, while that alone certainly does not make a great RPG, it is an excellent sign of their devotion to a unique, story experience driven by player agency. You know, that age old RPG promise that your decisions in the world will deeply effect your personal in game story. It’s always been one of the signs of a good RPG, in my mind.

Definitely watch that live stream in order to get an idea of just what makes Dragon Age Inquisition worth watching as it nears its November 18th release.