Evolve releases on Oct. 21st, stands as a grim reminder that I can hardly get any of my friends’ schedules to sync up for a co-op game

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By William Chandler

Remember Left 4 Dead? Sure you do. I mean, I know it has been quite a long time since Valve actually produced any video games, but they were all pretty memorable ones. What was that one with the crowbar guy as the protagonist? Man, that game was pretty darn good. Did they ever release the third part?

Anyway, Turtle Rock Studios, best known as the creators and primary developers of Left 4 Dead, have been hard at work on their new cooperatively competitive monster hunting bonanza, Evolve. In similar Turtle Rock fashion, four players work together cooperatively as hunters in an attempt to survive in and triumph over a hostile environment, however, this time around, there is only a single major enemy. A massive, player controlled beast roams the environment, and the four hunters must track it down and kill it. The title of the game stems from the fact that the massive beast is capable of increasing its power by performing certain actions, like devouring local wildlife, and then subsequently evolving.

But you probably already know all of that stuff. What you may not know, is that the game has finally been given a concrete release date. On October 21st, Evolve releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It seems pretty good so you should consider playing it with some of your friends. My friends are probably all working opposite schedules and, therefore, will be unable to play. I will likely manifest this frustration in a highly negative review of the game, so look for that in October as well.