My President played only slightly less of The Witcher 2 than I did

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By William Chandler

I love RPGs and really wanted to like The Witcher 2. Hell, technically I do like The Witcher 2 from what little I played of it. It just came out during a time of my life when I didn’t have much time for gaming and I haven’t been able to return to it since then. But I’ve seen the opening part with the jail and the boobies on at least four separate attempts to play through it since then. Oh well… Add it to the list.

President Obama received a copy of the game during a visit to Poland back in 2011 from the Prime Minister because CD Projekt Red, developers of The Witcher 2, are Polish and the Polish Prime Minister totally knows what the fuck is up in his country. This year, on a return visit, Obama gave a speech in which he mentioned that gift briefly:

The last time I was here, Donald gave me a gift, the video game developed here in Poland that’s won fans the world over, The Witcher. I confess, I’m not very good at video games, but I’ve been told that it is a great example of Poland’s place in the new global economy. And it’s a tribute to the talents and work ethic of the Polish people as well as the wise stewardship of Polish leaders like prime minister Tusk.

He’s busy like I am and didn’t get the chance to play it either.

I’m right there with you Obama. Maybe you’ll clear out your backlog one day.