Feel free to be happy for me

Site Update

I’m here to disappoint all of you by announcing that I am, in fact, still alive. I know I’ve gotten all of your hopes up by being absent from this site for nearly three weeks now but that is merely due to the busy nature of that BIG HUGE MAJOR GIGANTIC life change that I mentioned before. I said I would elaborate on that topic further at a later date and now is that time.

Sometime late next week I will be loading a car full of my shit and driving it one thousand miles away from everyone I love in some silly attempt to go and live my life. That’s right! I’m moving from my hometown in Florida all the way to Chicago, Illinois.

Once I have settled in I plan to resume regularly writing articles that no one reads.

Thanks for not reading!

William Chandler


Lazily drifting through life on a bed of complacency

Site Update

Dear reader,

Yo, it’s that time again. Time to talk about the royal me here at Nerdorgy. Content has been coming out more infrequently as of late and this is due, in part, to a few factors:

First, I’m just a horrifically incompetent individual, but we all know that so I will refrain from elaboration.

Secondly, I am making a HUGE BIG MAJOR GIGANTIC life change in the real world which has, believe it or not, been occupying a rather large portion of my brain due to the fact that the planning stage requires such careful consideration of about a million factors. So, I’m distracted until that thing goes through at the end of August. I’ll provide more info on this later.

Lastly, I have been spending less time writing about news (which used to be a quick and easy way to churn out snarky content) due to both a lack of any news I find interesting coming out and a desire to write more long form articles about games. You know, I prefer for everything to be about me and how I feel about things.

Bear with me while I further examine exactly what I want out of this project.

Thanks for reading,


Pretending like I actually take this seriously

Site Update

Yeah, I totally took a week off for E3. Partially because there’s no way that Nerd Orgy can possibly compete with actual news outlets in the coverage of that stupid event, but mostly because I spent that time getting drunk and doing drugs like any good writer does in his or her downtime. That said, all good things must come to an end, so I now dutifully resume my professional duties and responsibilities as an entitled and jaded member of the gaming public.

Expect to see us test some new types of content in the coming weeks as we work out exactly what the fuck this thing is even supposed to be.